Scott Toney @ascotttoney

Anyone have a PNC 10m/5k bib they want to sell?

Jerald Sheets @cvquesty

I have a Gerber 1/4 cup catch bib we’re no longer using

Eric Sembrat @webbeh

what is this, networking material :baby:

Scott Toney @ascotttoney

ha I'll take it!

Tanya Mott @tmott13

ahhh I did the 10m ONCE - brutal course and the 5k like twice but not this year

Scott Toney @ascotttoney

Any course in Atlanta sucks. Not much you can do about hills.

Tanya Mott @tmott13

I know but just didn’t like the course.

Scott Toney @ascotttoney


Jerald Sheets @cvquesty

I have my fancy Bolt 5k shirt from PuppetConf last week

I liked the Portland course. It seemed to be all flat for the most part. And that’s hard to do in the mountains

jonathan wallace @jonathanwallace

Which channel would be appropriate for listing a monitor for sale?

topher Dick @topher


Erik Olson @erkolson

lol, that is the first time I've seen a CTO job posted on tech404

Bob Elwell @robert.elwell

tiny startups do this all the time. a lot of folks benefit from these inflated titles by falling up.

Larry Stewart @larrystewart

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Charles Clinton Pustejovsky III @charles.pustejovsky

What does a CTO even do?

(context: my startup doesn't have one; CEO was CTO at one point)

topher Dick @topher

There are a lot of answers to that question - I have worked for companies where the CIO reported to the CTO, and companies where the CTO reported to the CIO, and companies where the CIO and the CTO reported to the COO…

Frequently the CIO is in charge of IT and Infrastructure, while the CTO is in charge of software development and innovation. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen…

Alex Conner @hello382

CIO is an ops-focused technologist-they exist in non tech orgs.