Arjun Sharma @arjun

I think all of the t-mobile plans you can buy now include free service in Canada and Mexico. I've switched my plan a few times in the past 3 years, always through the website, and never had an issue.

NIck Owen @nowen

I have used t-mobile for years (pre-t-mobile). They have the best customer support of any telco, IMO. Granted low bar. The new LTE coverage is much improved too, which was the worst thing about them.

Morgan (Beau) Murrah @airbr

Does anyone have any particularly good resources/examples for fancy/ material style Angular forms? Pills and all that.

Andres Garcia @agarcian


Jamie King @jamieking

Hey @airbr, have you tried Material UI?

Satya Sutar @iamsatya

Am an active Material UI developer. Workin on a application right now

Jamie King @jamieking

I mean Angular Material* Material UI is for react

Satya Sutar @iamsatya

Any queries are welcome.

Now theres a material framework on angular 2