kiley @kiley0


topher Dick @topher

Why do I need a microwave that works with Alexa? didn’t I just have to carry some sort of food product to the microwave to put it in? Wouldn’t that leave me with the hand that used to hold a food product to punch the buttons on the microwave?

Maybe I’m afraid of microwaves and I need to stand across the room before I’m comfortable starting my microwave… but if that’s the case, what have I been doing up until now and why would I decide that THIS is my opportunity to finally get a microwave?

I’m very confused by @webbeh’s product… it’s just weird…

Alex Conner @hello382

If it used the microphones to keep from burning the popcorn maybe.

akp @akp

@topher I could see it being useful for people with visual or motor impairments