falco @falco

In all seriousness, look into a second monitor and second keyboard / mouse setup. It's worlds easier both setup wise and down the road usage-wise.

It also makes for a nice separation of work vs personal, in my experience

The monitor was the trickiest part for me, I was able to get a shared keyboard/mouse (on 3+ year old KVM) but not the monitor, which is why I went to dedicated monitors in the first place.

I understand if that doesn't work for you, and you were asking "how to" rather than "talk me out of it", but that's my experience :)

prefers astronauts @scotthawkins

that's pretty much what i have going on, one monitor on the left for my personal desktop, one on the right i can connect via usb c to a macbook or the mac mini i have on my desk for work/personal dev

wireless keyboard/logitech mx master for the work pc, cabled mouse and keyboard for the personal pc

topher Dick @topher

I’m not sure that I’ve got the space for two ultrawide monitors on my desk - I got a desk that was ‘smaller’ so that I wouldn’t use it as a place to just stack stuff up - it’s worked pretty well for that, but I think it would be a real issue to have two keyboards and two monitors… I’d have to apply tape or something so I could tell which keyboard was which, and swap mice… it seems like it’d be more work than what I’m doing now…

prefers astronauts @scotthawkins

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falco @falco

One of my ultrawides flipped vertically - it is fabulous for foot-print-saving. Think ultra-high instead of ultra-wide. Really nice for the "just monitoring this thing" window.

Sibin @sibingpeter

Maybe remote desktop from one to the other?