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for those who are interested in becoming a web developer, a brand new course just launched on the always-awesome called "Complete Intro to Web Development v2" by Brian Holt, and it would be a fantastic place to start.

and i think it is entirely free!

Sam Lawrence @samelawrence

Def not free. $39/mo.

kiley @kiley0

you're right -- the subscription is $39. at the beginning of the course he said "this is course will be free for everyone" and i'm trying to find how to access this course outside of paying for fem

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ah, thanks @kotojo!

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Also Honeywell Intelligrated is in Alpharetta,

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ICYMI: Fun local Atlanta startup Userfeed launching on Product Hunt today! It's a product management / feature idea tool that syncs seamlessly with Intercom. Landon and Kyle who founded this project are super nice guys / used to work together at ATV. If you use Intercom, you should check it out / give 'em some love with an upvote! :arrow_up_small:

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