falco @falco

was just reading the T&Cs for an item and wondering ... is there ANY major hardware vendor that DOESN'T require binding individual arbitration and waiver of class action, court, etc, in exchange for the privilege of using their product?

Kaylee Estes @kaylee.estes

Not sure if this is the right forum or not but looking for some advice. Has anyone in this channel found a job through Stack Overflow? We are considering bringing this tool on for hiring but it is very $$ and I am unsure about the return on investment. Anyone have any thoughts or advice?

Joe Moore @joe559

I almost accepted a position via Stack Overflow. Local consulting company Slalom reached out to me, and I went through most of the interview process. I ended up accepting a different position before finishing up, but still went in to meet with them to keep the connection open. I have not used it from a hiring standpoint, though, so I cannot speak to their toolset for finding candidates.

Andy Visser @visser

I’ve gotten interviews, but haven’t gone all the way

Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

Slightly different question, but: Internal recruiting teams I've worked with have not found good value there for the cost.

Laureano Remedi @lremedi

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Kaylee Estes @kaylee.estes

Thank you all so much. This is very helpful feedback.

Do you think the platform is a place where Developers will go to look for a job once they have decided it time to make a change?

it is*

Perry @perryuxdesign

Does anyone have any thoughts on a good template to use to send out to managers to try to get their employees to take a survey for upcoming user testing?

akp @akp

@perryuxdesign is this internal or external user testing?

Perry @perryuxdesign


Testing with employees that don’t have exposure to the product

Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

I, personally, wouldn't look there. Internal recruiters I've worked with have told me they found less serious candidates there, and not too many of those. Plus, if you care at all about D&I in hiring, spending money to reach an audience that is 96% male and 75% white is probably going to cause some problems.

A service I've found which I think is really interesting is limbo.io

Kaylee Estes @kaylee.estes

Thank you. That is funny you mention D&I, the survey they sent to over 100k candidates was completed by 91% men.