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Yw lmk if you want his info

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Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

I just saw a charge on my credit card for a domain renewal for $990. When I registered it last year it was less than four bucks.

Kevin Coleman @kevin

Yeah, they get yo with a low entrance price and then jack up the fees for renewals :confused:

My .io domain name is like $40/yr to renew when I got it for free. I kinda wish I stuck with a .com

I want to schedule a Virtual offsite for my team, but I am struggling to come up with interesting team building games. We have already done a Trivia game (with the content focused on our team members). My current list’s activities are short and I want to set aside 2-4 hours to do them, but so far I have: • Each team member: Share 1 personal or work related victory (we shipped a feature!) and 1 personal or work related challenge (I haven’t been making time to get out of the house) • QuizBreaker: Asks questions to each team member and everyone has to guess each other’s answers. e.g “Which team member said, they want to travel to Mexico next year?” • Share a photo from your apartment / life (and maybe guess which team member shared the photo like in QuizBreaker?) • Stretching session (I might actually just do this weekly to encourage everyone to move more) • Scavenger Hunt (Who has the oldest thing in their house? Who has the most Yellow thing? Find a hand written letter?) Things we already do: • Trivia game • Board games (weekly) • Virtual Happy hours (weekly) • Virtual Workout HIIT / Yoga Sessions (weekly) Unfortunately, we don’t have a budget, so we are limited to free activities. What are y’all doing to encourage community development in your workplaces?

Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

No, that's not really what happened.

I don't register domains that skyrocket in price because I tend to just keep them hanging around.

If it had gone from four bucks to $40 I'd not have batted an eye, but I've never in my life registered a thousand dollar domain.

Kevin Coleman @kevin

the renewal price is based on the extension, right?

It doesn’t matter the “value” of the domain

Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

Great question. I don't know what it's based on.

I had a domain with the same extension renewed last month for $13.

Kevin Coleman @kevin

same registar?

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Keith Nash @tallkeith

Playing the Jackbox games was pretty fun with coworkers

Kevin Coleman @kevin

yeah, I have heard that mentioned a few times. I have played it with friends too. Since we don’t have a budget, I was trying to avoid paid experiences.

topher Dick @topher

I honestly just bought the quadpack on steam for $100 and ate the cost - my team has gotten together for ‘virtual happy hour’ pretty much every other week, so I felt like the personal cost was worth it… (I’m pretty sure I even got it on sale, but I can’t promise that…)

prefers astronauts @scotthawkins

highly recommend Jackbox as well

Bob Elwell @robert.elwell

I would suggest just giving everyone on your team the day off

Kevin Coleman @kevin

Due to cost cuts, we only work (and are paid for) 4 day weeks now. July 4th was painfully long b/c that meant 4 days in my apartment with nothing to do :confused:

Erik Olson @erkolson

Does anyone else get iMessage spam from email addresses? I don't even know how to send one, fml

Kevin Coleman @kevin

Maybe 1-2x per year

Mick R @mick.ryan and type racer while drinking is fun!

Kevin Coleman @kevin

yeah, we’ve done before

what do you do for type racer?



Mick R @mick.ryan


That is the one we’ve used for our happy hours