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:atl: I am helping one of our premier local Mobile Application Development firms (Buckhead) find 2 Mid Level Groovy/Grails developers and a SCALA resource to round out their team. If you don’t have Scala/Grails skills, it’s OK.. They are looking for for strong OOP developers (2-6 yrs experience) with the desire to learn new skills as they are willing to teach... You will enjoy a laid-back open office space with catered lunch and learns, Competitive Pay w.Bonus & Outstanding Benefits. Message me for more info and Go Falcons!

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Michael Langford @mj_langford

If they are FTE, they shouldn't be advertised in #gigs @doerneratl. Full Time positions go in #jobs

@renita.canady A founder is a permanent position, and should be advertised in jobs. That posting has been removed.

@timmyg43 Contract to Hire is a permenent position, and should be advertised in jobs, that posting has been removed.

James Hall @imjameshall


Tim Gunter @timmyg43

Thanks, @mj_langford. Everyone needs to be on the same page. When I post a contract-to-hire in #jobs I’m told it should be in #gigs.

Pretty harsh to remove the posting.

Michael Langford @mj_langford

I have updated the topics in #jobs

Gigs are for freelancers and people who are taking on work outside of work

Tim Gunter @timmyg43

I understand that

Michael Langford @mj_langford

Jobs are for people who will have a longterm relationship with a company

Tim Gunter @timmyg43

That is always what I though


Michael Langford @mj_langford

The lack of clarity is sometimes hard to get through in the limited means of slack

Tim Gunter @timmyg43

But @eldondev and others were telling us to post here

Michael Langford @mj_langford

We are fundamentally, using a in-company tool for a community, and it has some holes, this being one

Tim Gunter @timmyg43


eldondev @eldondev

I apologize if I misdirected people

Tim Gunter @timmyg43

Make sure the other Moderators get the memo

No worries

eldondev @eldondev

I have always been clear that I am not a mod, just trying to help

Michael Langford @mj_langford

I've put in a PR to the recruiting policy. It was not clearly stated in a permanent fashion.

eldondev @eldondev

So full-time specific term (full time for 6 months, 2 years, whatever but contractor), goes where?

Michael Langford @mj_langford

From what I remember when we made the policy: #jobs and #gigs were open ended created by the community. The recruitment policy was designed to make it so people who wanted a thing (a job, a gig) could go to a specific channel, and otherwise, the non-recruitment channels would be empty

Pete Holiday @toomuchpete

The "topic" in this channel and in #jobs draw the distinction along w-2/1099 lines, is that still legit?

Michael Langford @mj_langford

Following that, the #jobs channel is for people who are looking for a perm home somewhere and the #gigs channel for something non-job like. C2H is a alternative hiring practice for W2 jobs. You do not usually have the option of not being hired at the end.

eldondev @eldondev

The purpose and topic in this channel seem to directly contradict each other regarding full-time, am I reading it wrote?

Michael Langford @mj_langford

rather, you do, but only leaving entirely, you cannot often stay on as a contractor

@mj_langford set the channel topic: Intended for 1099 work (full-time or part-time) see #jobs for (eventual or immediate) W2 | IMPORTANT: See recruitment policy: <>

Does that make it clear? tech404 is certainly valuable for the people posting, but the end use is generally for the people reading. And most people will only want one of #jobs or #gigs

and this place to slice the W2 divide serves that goal.

eldondev @eldondev

IDK, I see lots of people looking for whatever they can get

Kiley @kiley0

i think the updated topics make a nice distinction.

Michael Langford @mj_langford

certainly many people want work of any stripe, and they are best served by subscribing to both

Natalie Brown @nataliebrown

Looking for a Junior PHP Developer for a 2 week gig. Pay $30/HR. Office is located in town. Message me if you're immediately available or know someone that is!

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