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Remote available and what is the product? I have a lot of experience doing technical writing on the side but mostly in the cloud-native and databases space. As I wait for my current main gig to get spun up I wouldn't mind some extra work.

Hello! I thought I'd post here since it's been awhile since I have. I'm trying to see if anyone is looking for a Technical Content creator for topics in the cloud-native computing space and related industired. I have a backround in SRE work and to supplement my income I spend a ton of time creating content and blogs surrounding things such as: - Linux - Containers - Kubernetes - Cloud-native computing - Microservices My rate is currently about $300 per post. Here's a list of content I've created:

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Hey y'all. I’m looking for someone who might be interested in a small gig doing the migration a handful of perch sites from Media Temple over to Digital Ocean. If you’re interested or would like some more info just shoot me a DM. Thanks!

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