Tomeika McMillian @tomeika

I have a jr. data analyst position open with a client in the Vinings/Buckhead area. We can accept recent graduates if you've done a recent internship. Looking for someone with 0-2 years of experience. Please email to or ping me if you're interested.

Julia Toms @jtoms

Hi, I have a full-time Software Development and a Lead opportunity located in Nashville, TN for anyone who would be open to relocation. It's for a fast-growing start-up - please email me at if you are interested in learning more!

eldondev @eldondev

Please read the policy

Dan Nicodemo @danodemo

@jtoms This channel is only for jobs IN ATLANTA or jobs that can be done ~100% remote FROM Atlanta.

I’d suggest posting in #networking

Just to piss off Questy

Jerald Sheets @cvquesty



Faratiana Rabenjamina @farahrabenjam

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Ed Toro @eddroid

I think this post from earlier is based in Chicago: :oncoming_police_car:

Dan Nicodemo @danodemo

@lhmzhou Is this position based in Atlanta or allow remote work from Atlanta? If not, please remove it.

Linda Zhou @lhmzhou

remote is allowed

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Andres Rincon @rincon_36

Anyone know of an entry level IT support / network dev opening?

Tim Jordan @tjordan

Tech Talent South is a southern-based tech education company and we are proud to be leading the way in creating more tech talent in the Southern U.S. and beyond. We have contracted coding instructor opportunities available in all the markets (including Atlanta!) where we are currently teaching community members how to do <BIG> something !</BIG> We are a community of people that are dedicated to seeing TTS students and graduates get to their goals. Think you have what it takes to join us? If so, follow this link to introduce yourself to us!

Erich Hansen @erichhansen

We are hiring for an IT support specialist at Gather: