Cynthia O @chaoticdreamerss

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Robert @rob

Idea Journey has a Senior JavaScript engineer need that is work from home (but primarily based around the Atlanta area). Must have a couple of years of experience in an enterprise scenario. MERN.js experience a plus, but not specifically required. You will be working on a net new project with a small team of very experienced engineers DM me.

KK @leon21j

Looking for an engineering manager/team lead to join my team. Experience in any PHP/GO/Vue/Ruby is preferred.

Jonathan Poehlman @jpoehlman1080

Looking for a backend software engineer (jr level) for 65k. Location is midtown. This will be a great opportunity to learn Golang.

Thorin Hanson @thanson

Morning 404'ers. I am looking for a strong mid/senior full stack javascript developer to join my team at Dinova. Our stack is react/redux using AWS tooling on the back end. We are located in Johns Creek, which is either great, or a non-starter so I wanted to get that out there. Not looking for recruiter assistance at this time. Please feel free to DM me, or email . Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Will Boswell @misterchiefexecutiveo

Count me in sir...


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