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Tara K @talentfinder

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: Seeking Web UI Developers!! Our company is looking for who have strong experience in the following: Fluency in Javascript (ES5 and ES6), HTML5 and CSS3 • Proficiency in real-time interactive systems and event-driven programming • Proficiency in common client-side state management patterns • Proficiency in declarative views using virtual DOM interfaces via React, Mithril, Vue, etc. • Proficiency in bundlers like Webpack and Rollup, and can reason about asset delivery strategies. • Proficiency in Linux and Shell scripting • Proficiency in Git • Excellent problem solving/algorithmic abilities • Solid background in RESTful Web Services If you looking for a new direct role with an amazing internet/security start-up. Please DM directly for more details.

David Askew @david333

Any desktop or mobile devs in here? I am still in need of some help! Ionic Security (midtown) is in need of desktop (mac and win) and mobile (ios and android) developers. We’re building some really cool stuff around protecting documents and their contents. Read the job descriptions here: http://info.ionic.com/job-listings and message me with any questions you may have. Note: I am a hiring manager who is actively looking for teammates, not a recruiter.

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Python engineers.....We are hiring... https://terbiumlabs.com/careers.html