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Hey everyone. I’m Kadeem (Kay-Dum), the Founder of Black Tech Academy, an online educational platform that offers tech and business courses for our community. I’m a full stack developer, real estate investor and full-time serial entrepreneur by trade. My BTA team and I need your help. We are in need of more instructors for our platform to teach. We provide the course development resources, location and filming needs. Our courses are structured in a consistent format. We record in instructors in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. --> Check out our website at www.BlackTechAcademy.com --> Download our booklet to learn more about the benefits of joining our platform. www.BlackTechAcademy.com/booklet --> Sign up to become an instructor at www.BlackTechAcademy.com/prescreening We are also looking for investors and accelerator programs to plug in to. We have a pitch deck ready for those interested. Any help would be appreciated. I can answer questions you may have. Thank you!

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@cvquesty set the channel topic: please only talk about EVPN, BGP, VXLAN, NSH VNF, DC, SR-MPLS, OC YANG, NETCONF, GNMI, PCEP, SR TE, BGP-LS, IVP, IS-IS, DCI, MEC, xRAN, eBGP, iBGP, EIGRP, VPC, LTM, or GTM


Oh, and Thickwire. DEFINITELY thickwire.

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See my wire here? It’s SOOO THICC

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Hi sir do you know is it still available.

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Hey Nisar, I believe it is!