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Nice mj - sorry we lost ya

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Give this a listen

So this new rule change will allow ICE/CBP to deport people without any judicial oversite. When they pick you up, if you can't prove you have been in the country legally for 2 years with whatever documentation you have on your person, away you go.

John Hunter Bowen @jhb

pretty sure a good chunk of the time I would be unable to prove this. is this a predecessor to a national ID requirement?

evan @evanseeds

massive general strike and protests happening in Puerto Rico today

Zachary Sarver @zsarver

That is terrifying. They could easily deport born citizens with this rule. Do we need to start walking around with our passports so we don't get hauled out of our own country?

Stephen Harper @deltaedge

imagine walking around your neighborhood and an ICE van pulls up and they demand you show identification, but wait, you didn't bring any because why would you? Guess that means you're here illegally and should be sent packing

this is NOT ok

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