Dern @danodemo

That asshole is actually famous for being a d-bag at ANOTHER protest where he got a water-balloon full of runny shit thrown at him after screaming the N-word at a little girl during occupy lol

Guess he didn't learn his lesson last time


I'm actually 100% in favor of this. Anything a cop does outside of "normal" policing while a camera is off, face covered, badge covered should be treated as an excalated crime; meaning if a cop kills someone in their custody but the camera is off, it's AUTOMATICALLY first degree murder no matter what.

Erik Olson @erkolson

Yeah sure, maybe Biden will get on board with that

Y'all, that St Louis couple is as crazy as they are dumb

The McCloskeys have filed at least two “quiet title” suits asserting squatter’s rights on land they’ve occupied openly and hostilely — their terms — and claimed as their own. In an ongoing suit against Portland Place trustees in 2017, the McCloskeys say they are entitled to a 1,143-square-foot triangle of lawn in front of property that is set aside as common ground in the neighborhood’s indenture.

It was that patch of green protesters saw when they filed through the gate. Mark McCloskey said in an affidavit that he has defended the patch before by pointing a gun at a neighbor who had tried to cut through it.

Travis Rosenbaum @trosenbaum

Wow that article keeps going and going, what a bunch of turds.