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Wes Widner @kai5263499

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Zachary Sarver @zsarver

Bleh. Forgot to put in the teabag and steeped myself a nice hot cup of water

Clearly I need the caffeine

topher Dick @topher

how long do you let hot water steep? after some period of time have you just steeped yourself tepid water?

Bob Elwell @robert.elwell

Hot water is all the rage in China tho

I was trudging through some muggy 90 degree weather out in Hong Kong one day and my wife's like "I'm dying we need to get some water"

I swing by a place and order some, and then just drop these still-boiling glasses off to ius

Bruce Kellerman @kotojo

My wife is chinese, and I’ve become accustomed to all water being hot. My brain kinda gets confused now when a restaurant brings me ice water.

Bob Elwell @robert.elwell

It's like, good from a standpoint of making sure your water is safe to drink, but if you're looking to get a fast 8oz in you, maybe not so much

Eric Sembrat @webbeh

That sounds like a challenge.