Sean McCrohan @s.m.mccrohan

Did they refuse to provide a reference? Or did their now-bad reputation reflect poorly on you because you LISTED them as a reference?

Because I can imagine either, really.

cecili reid @creid

Or did they give a bad reference on you @perryuxdesign?

Stephen Mitchell @stephen

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Nate Lewis @nlewis67

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Suzi Starosta @suzi

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Winston Troughton @winston.troughton

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Niki Patel @niki379

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Perry Birbrager @perryuxdesign

Just to not leave this open ended, they gave me a reference that was unrelated to my work, but as a result of hard feelings regarding something else entirely.

Jessica Dennis @jessica

So basically "perryuxdesign is a huge jerk" more so that "perryuxdesign is a terrible ux designer"?

Perry Birbrager @perryuxdesign

That’s what I’m thinking

As I never got any bad feedback on my work

overall things were going well

Benjamin Leggett @algosystem

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topher Dick @topher

My flight from EWR to ATL has been delayed by an hour… Why is it that my flights AWAY from home are always on time, but my flights TO home are always delayed? Why does everyone want to schedule Q4 meetings in New Jersey and Minneapolis when we have an ATLANTA office?!?!


Kiley @kiley0

Q2 meetings should be in Minneapolis and Q4 in Miami, c'mon people!

cecili reid @creid

i have found that to be the case as well @topher also the flights are always packed coming home also.

Nancy Gamble @nancy

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topher Dick @topher

It’s Atlanta - I’m finding the flights away from Atlanta are full too (my flight on Sunday evening was 100% full on the way to EWR).

I love how many direct flights I can get, don’t get me wrong - having ATL a 30-minute MARTA away is awesome! I just want to be home… I miss my bed, my wife, and my PS4… #zeroworldproblems

nshttpd @nshttpd

people who just randomly whistle in the office as they are wandering around should be targets of a Coyote with an ACME anvil.

kk @kentrkeirsey

lol im a whistler

cant contain these goodvibes yo

damn these giphy gifs are WEAK

was looking for some steve urkel

tony ashworth @tony.ashworth

Stephen Jones @sjonesqa


tony ashworth @tony.ashworth

i'm used to a slightly different giphy bot that gives you options

kk @kentrkeirsey


just need to feed more context it seems

my expectations are too high

nshttpd @nshttpd

I believe it’s either a newer version or a flag now .. for the “make sure this is the one I want before I share it” thing.