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So, I’ve been using Let’s Encrypt for several years now, and I’ve been very happy with it. I’ll admit, I’ve not used it for anything work-related, but that’s partly because I work for a giant company and ‘free’ is hard for them to deal with… Then I read this:

It seems to suggest that the biggest reason Let’s Encrypt is a problem is because too many people are using it, so if there is a compromised root key so many people will be impacted… It seems, to me, the extremely short expiration on the keys does a lot to mitigate the security concerns there (no 2-year vulnerabilities that could have been addressed in 15 minutes of work)…

Thoughts? Where are you all on Let’s Encrypt?

(yes, I’m aware that it’s just an opinion piece - it just got me thinking about my own opinions)

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I think the issue here is more specifically about paying attention to certificate expirations / revocations. Regardless of your CA, a KMS breach seems just as likely to be impactful.

He makes a good point about CA's having no "skin in the game". Though, I'm sure Let's Encrypt wants to remain popular. Not-for-profit doesn't mean no one is making money per sey.

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I like this response at the top, with the ensuing discussion resulting in the original author admitting his headline was provocative.

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Yeah, I think LE handles things far better than most traditional CA's across the board.

And this is backed up by numerous vulns and bad certs being issued by them

Them = traditional CAs

Otoh, monocultures are bad. Amazon is a competitor, and a fine one at that. I am mostly happy using both.